May 07, 2007

Another year another dollar... Astreamofconsciousnesspost.

Well, I finally completed my first year in my new position at work. For my efforts, I got an 8.5% raise. It's a shame I don't really feel so good about that. The money's good for what I'm doing, but it's what I'm doing that I don't like. I spent a lot of time getting my aero engineering degree, but the job I'm in challenges nothing but my sanity. It's just insane volumes of mind-numbing work that doesn't do anything to stretch my limits. If anything, it feels like I spend more time trying to help other people catch up with me than doing my job. I really should get off my ass and make a last push at a flight rated commision. I used to be dead-set against anything but Air Force, but with the Blue-Suits hemoraging personnel (pilots included) to afford a meager force of F-22's, my chances are slim to say the least. I've given a thought or two to Army Aviation, but if you want to stay in the seat of your Apache for more then a couple years, you're better off going Warrant Officer than a straight commision. Naval Aviation wouldn't be a problem, but I get the sneaking suspicion they'd try to shoe-horn me into a nuke-sub to work on a reactor. That just would not work for me. That's before I consider all the physical problems I face in getting there. I lie on the opposite end of the spectrum from most Americans. I can't put/keep weight on to save my life. My vision and hearing are both fine, and I haven't had any breathing problems in a decade plus, but there's a medical file out there somewhere that says I filled a prescription for an inhaler after the age of 13 (because my mother is a worry-wart). I kept telling her to stop. This was one of the few cases where I'd rather need it and not have it. I've grown out of it, but as long as that fucking little slip of paper sits out there somehwere, I'm more than likely screwed.

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April 23, 2007

So wrong yet so right.

I think I'd like to try my hand at making an AMV (but not actually of the music variety). If I could refine it enough, I'd like to see if it could make the cut for AMV Hell 4.

The idea? Well, it's been attempted before.

But I want to do it with a different clip. It's a toss-up between a clip of Aisha from Outlaw Star on the bridge of her (for a short time) battleship, or Admiral Spoor in one of her many bizarre bridge scenes. I'm leaning toward the later.

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April 17, 2007

For your sanity...

Don't ever drive across Central/West Texas (or much of eastern New Mexico for that matter).

Spent Thursday in my truck going to Justin, Tx. 17+ hours. Saw the VLA in person and drove through Roswell. Otherwise, ugh.

Friday... zzzzzzzz*snork* what? Tornadoes? Baseball size hail? WTF? Please don't hit my truck.

Saturday... brrrr..... *freezes near to death and sleeps all day*

Sunday... An idyllic Dallas / Ft. Worth day. Went to the NASCAR event at TMS. Got to walk back because my hosts changed post-race plans without informing me.

Spent Monday in my truck getting back from Justin, TX. There can't be many places on Earth flatter than the terrain near Amarillo, Tx.


And that, is why I haven't been responding to a damn thing anyone has said to me.

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April 10, 2007

Lets see if I can get a video working

Kawaii Family Secrets

Maybe a direct link will work. (I've deleted this file)

And here was have the 26 Sammy secrets. (And this one)

Babies and Fathers

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