November 14, 2007

Brand New Hardware

I'm posting this from my brand-spanky new computer.

This build took signifcantly less time than my previous two builds. A) because I had a better feel for what I wanted to achieve, and 2) because I had enough money built up to get all the parts in a short amount of time.

Thermaltake Aluminum Case (power supply I had already)

Asus P5K-E board

E6850 Core 2 Duo

2GB PC 6400

300 GB SATA drive (I'll monkey around with RAID after doing a bit of research and getting a second drive)

8600 GT OC (didn't really see the need to buy an 8800 right now, they'll becoming down eventually, or I can SLI another 8600 in here)

DVD RW drive (not going anywhere near HD until the war's been won)

Wireless keyboard and mouse (The keyboard's a little touchy, or not actually. You have to fully depress the key to get a reading. The keyboard I'm used to is much more forgiving.)

All in all I clocked in at about $1200, which seems reasonable for what I've got. (1200 includes a new copy of Windows XP. I can upgrade to Vista later. I'm always a very late adopter when it comes to an OS.)

Now I don't have an excuse to pick up some newer games.

My wallet is screaming in pain.

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