May 19, 2007

About the Author

Who: Will
Where/when: AZ, various locales within the Phoenix metro all my life

I'm a 29 year-old half-redneck with a bachelor's in aerospace engineering, but a distinct distaste for the office non-sense involved with the engineering profession. I picked up drafting to cover living expenses while going to school, which lead to my current job in the drafting department of a construction company (which isn't much better).

I'm a jack-of-all-trades. I owe a lot of my knowledge to my dad. I've got a basic working knowledge of framing, welding, plumbing, electrical, "low-tech" automotive (ECU's and other modern electro-auto widgets are out of my league, but there's not much else on a car I wouldn't be willing to try and fix), and a hundred other little trade-skills I can't think to mention at the moment.

I've dabbled in more hobbies than I can remember:
The Manly - /flex
Hunting (guns, quads, camping, hiking (when I can manage to keep in shape))
Fishing (never learned to ski, but it's on "the list", knee-boarding's in there too)

The Rusty
- hobbies I'd be hard-pressed to be "good" at again right off the bat
Horseback-Riding (a small bit of professional training in Western and English)
Radio-Control (planes, cars, boats, but helicopters were too expensive)

The Nerdy
- that which only other geeks would understand
Computers (built 3 PC's now, and looking at converting an old machine to Linux)
WoW (picked this up late last summer, it's a welcome diversion from chores)
Anime (been on a general downward trend since late 2008)
Videogames (also cut way back since graduation)
Ham Radio (just started last summer, haven't had the budget to properly gear up yet)
Fantasy / SciFi literature (Tolkien, Jordan, Feist, Erikson, Scalzi; didn't really start in on this until mid-college, so I'm way behind my nerd contemporaries)

The List - stuff that just hasn't happened yet
Snow Skiing (loved it the one time I went, but hard to make stick in AZ)
Water Skiing (dad wasn't into when I was young, and it'll be a while until I can make it happen on my own)
Sky-diving (I have no illusions that this will become a long-term hobby, once or twice will do)

Philosophically, I'm a lapsed Christian with classical liberal values. I should explain.

My dad was not a religious man. Sundays were just the day to finish off the project you started Saturday (and couldn't get to during the week). My mom would have preferred we at least nod in the direction of the Sabbath, but if that's what she wanted, it was up to her to make it all happen. As it turned out, we did hit the occasional Easter or Christmas service, but regular church attendance was not in the cards.

*clicks save and bails for a bit*

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