April 10, 2007

A little experiment

Bringing up still more posts, but this time, I've created an "anime" category. But for some reason, if I view the anime folder, none of the previous posts appear there. (This posts is being created after the category was created. The previous posts were moved into the anime category. If this post appears and the others don't I'll have narrowed down what the problem is either way.)



There's nothing more frustrating than having to buy an interesting anime one disc at a time. Sure I could save my money for a few weeks then buy the boxed set, but where's the instant gratification in that? Combine that with the likelyhood that I'd try to watch the whole thing in one sitting and now I'm looking at a recipe for meltdown. I don't think I want a repeat of the 11 hour Evangelion marathon.

The need to get out of town is driving me batty, but considering that the better part of everywhere is closed due to fire concerns means putting 300 miles on the car just to get to open public land.

Oh, and if anyone has a lead on where I can buy both volumes of the Magical Project S soundtrack, you will make me a very happy geek. I would really rather not have to fly all the way to Japan and rummage through the used CD bargain-bin.

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1 Well that was easy. This post comes up in the anime category, while the others are still in some kind of limbo. Moving didn't seem to fully take.

Posted by: Will at April 10, 2007 01:57 PM (SOx9v)

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