July 27, 2008

Time for a Video Dump

The good (Surprisingly spoiler free, and absolutely hilarious, if you have my sense of humor)

The sad (Before my time, but still carries a powerful message)

The Fugly (Blame The Hostages for this one)

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July 24, 2008

Team Fortress 2 Followup

If there's one word to describe the pace of the sequel compared to the original, it's "slow."

Respawn delays and much longer engineer build/upgrade times really ruined this game for me. While I'm sure respawn delays are a server option, the fact that every server I tried had them drove me nuts. Eliminating grenades was moronic, particularly the engineer's EMP grenade. In the handful of games I managed to play before getting bored, there were a half-dozen shit-head Demos that kept mining the spawn doors in 2fort. EMPs were great for stamping out that sort of nonsense.

Soldier rockets didn't seem to travel to target as fast. Shooting enemy spies doesn't cause a helpful blood splatter. The Pyro's rocket launcher is gone (awesome for supressing snipers).

Basically a huge disappointment.

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July 12, 2008

Who needs Ambien?

I've been dealing with bouts of insoma lately. I'm really not big on medicating this sort of problem, and none of the million sure-fire home remedies has worked.

But believe me when I say, the Silmarillion will knock you on your ass in ten minutes. At my current pace, I'll probably finish the book some time in 2046.

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July 08, 2008

Gurren Lagann 1

So far so good. The video transfer looks sharp. Audio is clean. The "extras" are a little sparse, but I expect they're saving those for the eventual dub release.

Pro subbers still seem to insist on translating XX-dan "Team XX" instead of "XX Brigade." Team lacks a certain militaristic punch if you ask me. It's also odd that they chose to use the "kick reason to the curb" motto on the DVD packaging, but then they didn't translate it that way in the subtitles. I'm gonna have to guess that decision came down to limited screen real estate.

Otherwise things seem to have translated cleanly.

[Update:] Ok, so I've watched all nine at this point. Episode 6 seemed to have a helluva lot cut out for broadcast. Still not a nipple one, but I don't remember any accidental kanchos or breast-squeezing remote controls. I'm not feeling inclined to go back and make a scene for scene comparison just to confirm.

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July 07, 2008




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