July 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again.

It's been close to six years since I watched a new anime of any sort. Having your BT machine crap out, moving, getting married, having a kid and moving again can do that to a hobby sometimes. I was also driven off by the increasing and pervasive need for shows to pander to otaku perverts through gainaxing, panty-shots, needless yuri/yaoi and tentacle monsters.

Wonderduck's posts about Hibike piqued my interest enough to dive in to Crunchyroll (an innovation which is quite handy) for a marathon session getting caught up. Here was a simple show about band nerds doing band nerd stuff. I could get behind this. Other than a brief stupid dalliance with yuri for no good reason, it was an enjoyable show with extremely high production values.

Since then I've been binging on the various shows that I saw receiving praise over the last few years.


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