July 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again.

It's been close to six years since I watched a new anime of any sort. Having your BT machine crap out, moving, getting married, having a kid and moving again can do that to a hobby sometimes. I was also driven off by the increasing and pervasive need for shows to pander to otaku perverts through gainaxing, panty-shots, needless yuri/yaoi and tentacle monsters.

Wonderduck's posts about Hibike piqued my interest enough to dive in to Crunchyroll (an innovation which is quite handy) for a marathon session getting caught up. Here was a simple show about band nerds doing band nerd stuff. I could get behind this. Other than a brief stupid dalliance with yuri for no good reason, it was an enjoyable show with extremely high production values.

Since then I've been binging on the various shows that I saw receiving praise over the last few years.

Attack on Titan - Basically a re-skin of any number of zombie stories. When it's moving, it's great, but it suffers from the same narrative relativistic nonsense that plagues all shonen shows.

Sword Art Online - Dennou Coil + Master of Epic with a dash of Serial Experiment Lain. The first cour is fantastic and I really wish it would have stayed there for a while. Kirito/Asuna aren't quite up to Jinto/Lafiel levels, but it's good to see an actual functional relationship in an anime for once. It's just tragic how the seriousness of the relationship seems to have fizzled in the second season. Stupid harems.

Fate/Stay Night: UBW - Having had no exposure to the VN or any other prior products, it was okay.

I haven't decided what will be next. GuP may be first, but KanColle may get moved up for train-wreck value.

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