April 17, 2007

For your sanity...

Don't ever drive across Central/West Texas (or much of eastern New Mexico for that matter).

Spent Thursday in my truck going to Justin, Tx. 17+ hours. Saw the VLA in person and drove through Roswell. Otherwise, ugh.

Friday... zzzzzzzz*snork* what? Tornadoes? Baseball size hail? WTF? Please don't hit my truck.

Saturday... brrrr..... *freezes near to death and sleeps all day*

Sunday... An idyllic Dallas / Ft. Worth day. Went to the NASCAR event at TMS. Got to walk back because my hosts changed post-race plans without informing me.

Spent Monday in my truck getting back from Justin, TX. There can't be many places on Earth flatter than the terrain near Amarillo, Tx.


And that, is why I haven't been responding to a damn thing anyone has said to me.

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