April 10, 2007

Guess I'll copy over some old content

There's some really old and somewhat embarrassingly lame content at the ol' blogspot site, but I guess I could bring a few choice* posts over.

*choice does not imply quality

07-01-04 (or 01-07-04 for those outside the US)

So I've ever so slowly been ticking off anime from my list. I'm up to volume four of the new Tenchi Muyo:GXP series. So far so good. I will say this. It seems that just like here in the States, much more is making it's way past the censors in Japan to actual air time. Compared to Tenchi Universe, this series could come across as quite scandalous. That's not to say it's a raunch-fest. Shinichi Watanabe just doesn't feel squeemish about going to places that will make his prudish characters blush like fire and experience the odd explsive nose bleed. All harem anime do this, but most of the men (boys really) in GXP should have bled to death within the first DVD.

And in a strange turn of events, I've managed to acquire and view the second half of Magical Project S without having seen any of the first half. This isn't such a big problem if you've seen the OVA's that come bundled with the Mihoshi Special. Some family members are shuffled around a bit. Otherwise the premise is about the same, just 23 episodes loger and more in-depth. Throughout all of the Tenchi series, Sasami has almays seemed to me like a 20 year old woman trapped in a 10 year old body. She's always just a bit more clued in and reaches intelligent conclusions much faster than any of the others in her age bracket.

Sat down and watched the Record of Lodoss War OVA's beginning to end. I can appreciate the fact that it is based heavily on Tolkien and D+D, but there were times that had me groaning at the outright plagarism going on (and then you have Parn, the swordsman who has only one or two more brain cells than Fighter.)

Having caught the Nabeshin bug thanks to reading the reviews of Excel Saga from this guy, I'm thinking of picking up Puni Puni Poemy. However, after reading this review, I'm not sure it's quite my cup o' tea. If it's there on the shelf and I have the money burning a hole in my pocket (HA!), I'll probably pick it up. It's only 2 episodes on one disk.

And on that note, I'm going to bed. Some how my daily migraine turned into something far worse when I took a couple of ibuprofen and now my limbs and head feel strangely numb. This doesn't seem healthy.

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