August 01, 2007

Terry Goodkind Hates Pinko Commie Leftist Bastards and He Thinks You Should Too.

And he's not above bludgeoning you over the head with that for an entire novel either.

Or words to that effect.

A friend loaned me the first 8 books of the Sword of Truth, and while I was having some serious Robert Jordan deja vu for the first two books, once he set his teeth into the conflict with the Order, I began to finally feel like I was in new territory.

Then he decides he's gonna turn modern-day George Orwell for a novel. And while I agree with the sentiment, it's the ham-fisted execution that had me groaning every couple pages.

Hopefully he got it out of his system. Pillars of Creation has started out pretty slow, but it's interesting to see that he brought back Chekov's Siblings.

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