August 23, 2007

The Secret to Enjoying Las Vegas?

Really good shoes.

The best way to make a trip to Vegas almost miserable?

Spend the weekend following your group of friends from place to place to place, not really doing anything.

Just walking. 

A lot.

In utility boots.

At least the hotel was nice.

Monte Carlo

Don't adjust your screen. We weren't actually on Mars. The camera in my very expensive cellphone just sucks that much. Between the poor resolution and the retarded automatic color correction, I hardly bother with using the camera function anymore.

And the amount of City Center construction going on along the Strip is absolutely ridiculous. If you were to turn 90ยบ to the right from the picture above, you would see a massive hole in the earth from which burst a rectangular beast of steel, concrete, and wiring. We had the misfortune of being placed in rooms that faced the new iron monstrosity, and the construction had all of us up far too early on Saturday morning.

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