October 08, 2007

Tuesday Night is Anime Night - Week One

So a couple friends expressed an interest in getting back to an old (thought rather sporadic) tradition of getting to gether to watch anime. We managed it a handful of time back in college, but it was always a hassle to get everybody in one place at one time so no one fell behind.

College days are long gone, and a measure of stability has settled in.

So now we're back on something resembling a schedule. Tuesday nights, I put a hojillion miles on my truck and we watch anime.

I get to be the pusher. I have the stash so to speak. I make suggestions, recommend genres, and generally try to guide them toward shows in an ordet that makes sense.

So what do they decide they have to watch the first week (9/25) out of the gate? Haibane Renmei.

It was my fault really. I shouldn't have even taken it along. When the semi-angelic girl on the cover caught their eyes, I refused to say anything about the plot, other than that it is very good, and very very different. That sold them apparently. I tried rather weakly to guide them in another direction until they'd seen a few other things. But they insisted that they wanted to see it, so I obliged.

Week one, we got through the first 7 episodes with only a few raised eyebrows and glazed eyes. Confusion was running rampant, but I kept insisting that, while not everything would be explained before the end, it would start making sense about five hours after the last episode.

The general concensus was a tentative thumbs up, unless of course the ending royally pissed them off.

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