April 28, 2008

Weird Wide Web - 1

I decided I'm going to make up a new category for the random crap I come across while surfing and leave the "Random Debris" category to more serious subjects (Hah!). Basically I'll just link-dump stuff I find either humorous, cool, bizarre, or some combination of the three.

Today is a monk theme.

Monks chanting the Lotus Sutra (long, with a strange but cool acoustic shift about 7 minutes in, shamelessly stolen from the Hostages).

Which reminded me of another bizarre monk vid I saw at some point (@ Hop Step Jump I think). I think it's a piece of software (like a midi tracker) that allows you to have these "monks" sing various parts and turn it into a song.

The original song is a classic Yuki Kajiura piece. After that, it looks like somebody threw together a choir of anime character impersonators to sing the track.

Less weirdness and more music (video-heavy) beyond the jump.

Here are some of her other tracks for flavor.


(She composed the Baccano ED track, but it's credited to the singer.)


It's pretty obvious that when she's in "girls with guns" territory, she sticks to fast-paced beats and lots of wailing strings. When she steps outside that box, like the Xenosaga 2/3 stuff, you get more variety. (Though you do get some of her fast-choir-and-string stuff.)

(Personally, this simple little track is one of my favorites of her's)

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